Friday and Saturday, August 21-22—Homeward Bound

Despite yesterday’s rain, we were up early on Friday and departed Cross Creek RV Park about 7:30 AM.

Our site at Cross Creek RV Park, Maggie Valley, NC the evening before we departed

Given the forecast of rain and fog, we opted to travel separately through the worst part of the mountains, and connecting back together at the I40 Rest Area in Tennessee at Mile Marker 425. That proved to be a wise decision, at least for us, because the motorhome traveled up the mountains and around the curves flawlessly without the Honda CR V “toad”, tugging along behind. We lucked out at the Rest Area as the rain had dwindled to a mere mist, making connecting the toad to the motorhome a little less messy. After attaching the vehicles both mechanically and electrically, we continued west through Knoxville, TN. It began raining there and rained on us the next 300 miles through our gasoline stop and most of the evening as we overnighted at Parkers Crossroads RV Park in Yuma, TN (Parkers Crossroads was a notable Civil War battle near Jackson, TN).

Driving towards home, in the rain

We both slept hard last night (Friday). The 270-mile drive was trouble free. Over the years, we have noticed that highways through cities and towns need lots of maintenance as do most bridge approaches. In the motorhome, these will cause shake, rattle, and roll, sometimes to the detriment to the home on wheels and its occupants. And, the concrete sections of  I40 through West Memphis and I440 around the south side of Little Rock are other areas we dread! Nevertheless, we pulled into the Coronado RV Park in Hot Springs Village about 12:30 PM, set up, drained and flushed the tanks, and emptied the motorhome in record time, arriving at the house about 2:30 PM. 

I am both glad and sad to be home. My nomadic personality mandates that I travel to be contented, and relocating at least every three weeks——except for winters in Arizona. However, Hot Springs Village offers endless possibilities, and friends with whom I enjoy doing things are there. It is a mixed bag for sure.

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