Wednesday, August 19—Biltmore and Pizza Night

Kay left relatively early this morning to tour Biltmore in nearby Asheville.

Kay at Biltmore

Having been there and done that, I skipped the tour and remained behind to consolidate and pack photo and computer equipment—playing with toys sure requires a lot of work! As an aside, feeling better sure changes one’s perspective of life. With time on my hands, I caught up on reading blogs and watching vlogs on YouTube. Kay returned mid-afternoon, and we thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing, quiet afternoon.

Similar to the dining area in the motorhome

By Kay’s declaration, tonight is “pizza night”. After having our first adult beverages in several days, she diced Canadian bacon and chopped veggies—onion, green pepper, jalapeño pepper, and mushrooms. I spread pizza sauce on a couple of low carb tortillas (1 Weight Watchers point each), sprinkled shredded mozzarella cheese over the sauce, followed by pre-cooked Jimmy Dean turkey crumbles (tastes like sausage), and Kay’s Canadian bacon and Veggies. Since we don’t have a pizza stone in the motorhome—to be remedied for our next trip—I inverted a cookie sheet on the grill and cooked on that: 10 minutes on high. With leftover Caesar salad from last night, we had a great, satisfying dinner.

Pizza, ready for the grill
Ready to eat, after cooling

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