Monday and Tuesday, July 20-21—Time to get Serious

On Monday Kay took care of business (including an oil change for her car) in Hot Springs, while, procrastinator that I am, I finally started packing clothes and personal items. Fortunately, we keep lots of checklists, so one was retrieved from the computer’s memory, and items checked off one by one as they were packed. Kay had made arrangements to park the motorhome at the HSV RV park to facilitate loading and stowing our things—smart lady! I moved it from storage to the reserved site, set everything up and was met by Pam who delivered me home. There, all the packed stuff was loaded into the Pilot for transporting to the RV park. Kay unloaded the Pilot and stowed all of it; I played golf in weather so hot and humid that it was no fun, miserable! Dinner was fried chicken, real mashed potatoes, “yankee” gravy (that brown stuff), green beans, and a biscuit from Granada Grill for $7.95 each. It was delicious!

Fly fishing gear for both Kay and me

Today is Tuesday, July 21, and is my big sisters’s 78th birthday. She has watched over me my whole life like a second mother. Happy birthday, Carma. I love you. This morning, Kay changed the “bed clothes” (we like to come home to a clean house and clean sheets on the bed) and packed “pantry” food and refrigerated and frozen items. I emptied the hot tub, shut down all the electrical toys, and put new batteries in virtually everything that used them. Kay’s longtime friend, Sue, is kind enough to house sit for us while we travel, and we wanted things to be just right for her. We collected last minute toiletries, charging cords and devices, and other last minute items and took them to the motorhome. The rest of the day was quiet, and we read, etc. Sue arrived early evening, and Kay served us Subway sandwiches; they never tasted better. After eating, we left Sue to take care of things while we were gone, and returned to the motorhome to spend the night before leaving tomorrow. As luck would have it, Ron and Bev (from Conway, and who we met in Arizona this winter) were next to us. They had sold their house in Conway, and downsizes from a diesel pusher 41-foot motorhome to a 25-foot Tiffin Wayferer. They dropped by and we had a great visit. They are building a house in the Village, and it will be so great to share their friendship again. After all, they like Southern gospel music!

Hot Springs Village RV Park

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