Wednesday, July 22—On the Road Again, One of My Happy Places

Okay, I admit it. I am a nomad, wayferer, and wanderer, a modern day explorer. I really enjoy seeing new places and experiencing new adventures. While I really like having a home base, I so enjoy the free spirit nature of full time RVer, just part time. And, as I get older There is less tolerance for really cold or really hot weather. Thankfully , Kay tolerates it, and is my traveling partner. And my very good friends, Dan Olson and Jim Morris, also tolerate it.

Now that that is established, we departed the Hot Springs Village RV Park at 7:30 AM, in the rain, with a day’s destination of Natchez Trace State Park between Jackson and Nashville, TN. It was an uneventful trip (thank you, Lord) as we stopped only once, for gas, east of Jackson. Kay checked us in via phone as we neared the state park. After unhooking the Honda, we found our site, and backed in—challenging because the neighbor had parked where we needed to turn. Jacks were extended, slides put out, and electrical cable plugged in. All set. Well, not quite. The sun and night shades on the front windshield would only go halfway down; nothing would budge them. Kay and I unattached them, ran them up and down, and then reattached them. They worked, but I contorted my body in ways unimaginable assisting in the repair.

Backed in without hitting the truck or running off into the culvert

Tight turn tomorrow morning in the 35-foot beast

After dinner (leftovers from home), we watched “Dead Wind” and “Silent Witness”, downloaded from Amazon Prime.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 22—On the Road Again, One of My Happy Places

  1. Glad you are on the road again! I share your sentiment “While I really like having a home base, I so enjoy the free spirit nature of full time RVer, just part time.” We love being home and we love RV travel, so I guess we have the best of both worlds!
    Take care!

    • Thanks for the comment. There are just so many places to see and not enough time. Would sure like to visit the Pacific Northwest, but maybe another year. What are your plans for the rest of the year? Happy trails!

  2. Let’s see, we have a trip up to the cascade loop in WA, and then will spend some time on the Oregon Coast. After that, we have a few trips planned on the coast in central CA, and finally a trip to AZ in the fall. Enjoy the journey!

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