Sunday, July 19—Last Minute Items

Jim Morris and I had a socially-distanced coffee time in his back yard under the trees relatively early Sunday morning, but the rest of the day got lost in the busyness of getting ready to travel. Toys (cameras, computers, and fly fishing gear) were assembled and cleaned. Travel bags were recovered from the attic, and a box of camping and fishing stuff was retrieved from the crawl space. The box of stuff stunk from the crawl space stunk to high heaven, and when I dumped it, a dead mouse was discovered. It was quickly dispatched, and the stuff sprayed first with ? and then with Lysol—didn’t work. The items were thrown in the washer, and soaked for a couple of hours, washed, and then hung out to dry. Some residual “stink” remained, so cotton balls were soaked with pure vanilla, put in the box with the stuff not being packed for the trip, and stored again. The float tube was disassembled and the bladder filled to determine if it leaked. The cover was washed. Seems like when something is begun, a bunch of other tasks emerge! Since Kay had finished packing her clothes and personal items, she joined longtime friends and book club members, Pam and JaneAnn for the afternoon at HSV’s new million dollar swimming pool, and really enjoyed it. She is far more efficient than I.

Pam and JaneAnn

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