Friday and Saturday, July 17-18—Pre-trip Maintenance

Friday morning, after gathering all the tools and accessories, it was off to Walmart for oil and an oil filter; fortunately, most people were masked, and with self-checkout, it was relatively safe. And then, I was off to the RV storage garage to perform an oil change on the motorhome.It was fairly quick, and yes, I managed to get oil all over me! Upon returning to the house, all oily and soaked with perspiration, it was time for the first shower of the day. Meanwhile, Kay ran errands including picking up our meds for the next 90 days, and did other odd jobs for which I’m so grateful. It was too hot and humid to do much anything else, except stay in out of the “miserable” weather.

Up early again on Saturday morning, it was back to Balboa Storage where I moved the motorhome from its “garage” to the wash rack. Of course, I ran out of car wash soap, but Kay was quick to the rescue. Two and a half hours later, the motorhome was washed and dried, and I was soaking wet with perspiration. Back at home, the outdoor potted plants got watered, and I took the first of two showers for the day. Kay got “beautified” in the morning, even scheduling and paying for my pedicure later in the afternoon. She spent the afternoon packing.

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