Thursday, July 16—Too Hot to Handle

On our return from Memphis, Kay and I talked about the heat and the staggering increase in Covid-19 cases in Arkansas, and how we could deal with it. Historically, we travel to cooler climes in July and August; this year was to be no exception. In September 2019, we made reservations for July and August at an RV park in the mountains of western North Carolina, where average daily high temperatures are in the high 70s. Because of other commitments and family concerns, we found it necessary to cancel those. However, the Covid-19 Pandemic resulted in cancellation by the tour company of a conflicting month long United Kingdom trip in late summer and the other issues resolved themselves. This left us free to either stay home or escape the sweltering heat like we have done the last several years. Consequently, Kay called the resort in the mountains of western North Carolina where we had originally planned to spend all of July and August, but they had no vacancies. A high school classmate of hers and his wife were posting on Facebook from an RV park in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, that they really liked. Kay called the RV park (Cross Creek RV Park) and they had an opening; she immediately booked us through August. Focus for the next three days would be on pre-trip maintenance and packing.

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