Wednesday through Wednesday, July 1-15—Hot and Bothered

The month began with continuing rain, with over 5 inches falling in the first few days of the month. And then, overwhelming heat and humidity settled in for the long term. In our old age, we have become soft, and do not venture out to play golf or pickleball often, and when we do, our clothes are soaking wet. Just watering the plants in the morning necessitate a shower and change of clothes!

We had a great July 4th “picnic” at Jim and Jackie’s. The Altom’s, Pam, Don, and Kay and I had Walmart fried chicken, baked beans, potato salad, and other great food. Dessert was peach cobbler and ice cream, though I didn’t partake.

Jim and Jackie Morris

Bobby and Martha Altom

Pam Williams and Don Atchley

Yours truly and Kay

Harper (our 8-year old grand daughter via Jenny) came with her mom and little brother, Linc, to visit the weekend of July 11-12, and she stayed with us until we took her home on July 15. Despite the “deplorable” weather, we had a great time. Harper enjoyed Balboa beach Sunday, followed by play time in the “cool” hot tub. She loved the “waterfall” and the foam resulting from air injection. One of her many comments was, “I could get used to this.” KK took her shopping on Monday followed by more play time in the hot tub. Tuesday, she and KK visited Aunt Karyn and cousins Ridge and Aker. Ridge came back with them for another beach day with DD. She “hot-tubbed” again after Ridge returned home. We took her home on Wednesday, and while in Memphis, I was tested for and purchased new hearing aids. This makes my 4th set! Getting old is not for sissies.

Harper and Lincoln

Ridge and Harper

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