Monday through Tuesday, June 1-30—Another Month without People

Hoping that the Covid-19 Pandemic would wane after all we had been through already this year, we were not shocked to see the situation worsen as much of the US, including Arkansas, entered into “Phase II”.  Arkansas failed to provide guidance and leadership to stymie this outrageous plague moving through the state and nation as if it were an out-of-control wildfire. Thus, we continue to observe a solitary and confined lifestyle, without the closeness of kids, grandkids, other family, and friends. We have seen the kids and grandkids a couple of times, and it is impossible to distance ourselves from them when they don’t understand the lack of touching. So, we’ve been lucky. Regretfully, photos of them are far and few between. Each of us also has a trusted friend with whom we do things. We also play golf and pickleball, though taking care to keep our distances, not take chances, wear “protection” and not touch, and wash and/or disinfect often. We also order-out food once every week or so. FaceTime, Zoom, FaceBook, and other social media greatly helps in maintaining some semblance of a social life, and keeps us as up-to-date as possible. Shopping is via the internet, and what few groceries purchased are done so via online ordering and non-contact pickup. We are quickly exhausting Netflilx, Amazon Prime, BritBox, Hoopla, PBS, and other video venues. I have seen so many YouTube videos that my mind is about to explode with useless information! Hopes for a speedy recovery have all but disappeared, and we have canceled both domestic and foreign travel. Our winter plans will be in serious jeopardy unless a vaccine is developed and dispersed very quickly. This is a hell of a way to live out one’s final years!

Links to photos taking through the end of June are as follows: 

Arkansas Wildflowers

Arkansas Butterflies

Arkansas Dragonflies and Damselflies

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