Saturday, December 28, 2019—Long Windy Drive

Why we (I) chose this to be our longest driving day is beyond logic—significant gain in elevation, over 4,000 feet, and 25 mph headwinds for the entire day.  Fortunately, we did not experience any heavy cross winds, though Kay did drive in freezing rain for several minutes. Again, taking turns driving, we made great progress on this western trip, covering 455 miles. Though the wind made driving difficult, we again took turns, and the day passed quickly; gas mileage was horrendous!

Surprisingly were the number of pecan orchards in West Texas, particularly considering the arid climate and near desert conditions. Acre upon acre of trees occupied the otherwise barren environment; most had been recently pruned. Neither Kay nor I had ever seen so many pecan trees! 

Near the end of the day, we crossed into mountain time zone, giving us another hour. We overnighted at Dreamcatcher RV Park in Deming, New Mexico. After setting up and socializing with other guests, Kay and I had a delicious Mexican meal.

Driving in New Mexico

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