Sunday, December 29, 2019—The Last Leg

We awoke to very cold weather, at least for us, 27°. In addition a smattering of snow fell during the night, but did not affect road conditions. Though the forecast called for heavy winds again, we did not feel any, nor experience any problems. Snow covered the desert floor in many places, and the expanse of pecan orchards was mind boggling —pecan trees as far as the eye could see! Neither of us had ever seen even a tiny amount of pecan trees compared to these humongous orchards. Passing through Tucson, we turned northward and rolled into Palm Creek RV and Golf Resort in Casa Grande, AZ, our place of residence for the next couple of months. Coincidentally, we pulled into the check-in lane beside Steve and Mary Seitz, also from the Village. Apparently, we had traveled the same route at the same time since leaving AR.

Check-in was smooth, and we were escorted to the site, with Canadians on either side of us. Set-up was uneventful.

Ice on the windshield in New Mexico
Finally, Arizona
Home (at least for the winter), Palm Creek, Casa Grande, AZ

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