Friday, December 27, 2019—Dallas, TX, and Beyond

Waiting until traffic somewhat abated in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, we departed Bluebonnet Cabins and RV Park at 8:40 AM. The drive on I-20 south of Dallas was relatively easy. Again taking turns driving the 321 miles, we arrived at Elite Cabins and RV Park in Sandy Springs, TX, at about 3:15 PM. The RV Park was dirt and gravel (available RV spaces are far and few between as oil and gas workers occupy most of them; this is in the Permian Basin). Regrettably, at least for me, there was hidden dog poop all over the place, and I stepped in some while unhooking the tow vehicle, tracking it onto mats, linoleum, and carpet—the next 30 minutes were spent cleaning shoes, mats, and the inside of the MH! A low rating is likely for this RV park.

Bluebonnet RV Park, Terrell, TX
Elite Cabins and RV Park, Sandy Springs, TX

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