Thursday, December 26, 2019—Heading West

It took two more carloads of “stuff” to complete packing the motorhome. After getting everything settled in the motorhome, we hooked up the tow car and discovered that we could not find the remote sensor for the auxiliary brake. After looking “everywhere” in the motorhome and the tow car, we could not find where I “hid” it. This necessitated another trip back to the house via the motorbike and tow vehicle, the narrow Hot Springs Village streets nevertheless, to see if I left it on the workbench—no such luck. Oh well, just another faux pas; we can travel without it.

The 285 mile drive was uneventful, and we pulled in to Bluebonnet RV Park and Terrell, TX, just after 4:30 PM. Kay and I shared driving duties as well as planning for rest breaks and overnight stops.

Kay sharing driving duties

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