Tuesday, October 1—Our First Back and Forth

There are pros and cons related to “camping” close to home; Lake Ouachita State Park is only 30 minutes from home. Pros include being able to maintain one’s day-to-day activities, get tools and forgotten accessories, and otherwise take care of business. Cons are that you don’t create many opportunities to relax and smell the roses. Today, we made our first trip back to the Village in order for Kay to attend one of her many board meetings. I accompanied her to the house to pick up forgotten tools, download software updates and videos, get technology hardware, and do chores around the house. We arrived back at the campground just in time for afternoon naps!

Participating HSV Roadrunners gathered at the Tillery’s for smoked brisket, air fried turkey, and potluck. Bunches of folks were there,food was plentiful, introductions were made, and a good time was had by all

The Tillery’s motorhome, aka HQ Central

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