Wednesday, October 2—Our Second Back and Forth

Kay was up early, visiting campground neighbors from church. They have been on an intermittent Keto diet for a couple of years; she has lost 80 pounds and he has lost 100 pounds! They begin the day with “bullet proof” coffee containing French press coffee, butter, whipping cream, and some magic drops, and offered Kay one. She loved it.

From there, we drove back home for Kay’s attendance and participation in her church women’s Naomi Circle. I hung out at the house watering plants and doing a few other chores. We again returned to the MH to enjoy an afternoon nap and defrosting the refrigerator freezer. We met as a group again tonight for happy hour and heavy hors d’oeuvres, before retiring to the MH to watch downloaded British TV mysteries on an iPad.

Peaceful setting for MH camping; our 8-year old MH

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