Monday, September 30—Meeting Folks

Typically, “Join Me” trips have no organized activities scheduled, today was an exception because so many new members/RVers are participating. A “coffee and pastry “ get together at the Tillery‘s site provided an opportunity to get to know “new” members in the now hyperactive RV club. Because we are all from Hot Springs Village, members are a smorgasbord of people from all over, with varying styles of RVs from small “pull behind” trailers to almost 44-foot long tag axle diesel pushers. 

Kay joined many of the others for a midday tour of the earthen Blakey Dam, another nearby campground, and a picnic lunch while I moved the motorhome (MH) to a site across the road—our place of residence for the next 4 nights.

Blakely Dam
Angie Tillery, half of the great HSV Roadrunners leadership team

When she returned we undertook replacing MH batteries. The MH has two sets of batteries: two coach batteries for operating lights and appliances inside the MH, and a chassis battery for starting the MH.

Two “coach” batteries

Without thinking things through, it was initially believed that the two coach batteries were bad as they’ve been in the place for several years. After undoing security bolts and cables, a “light bulb” went off and I reasoned it could not be the coach batteries; instead, it had to bee the chassis battery. It made so much sense, was less work, and much less expensive.

Single “chassis” battery; replaced

We made a quick trip to Walmart, then back to the campground, and installed the new battery.  That’s one of many maintenance items that can be checked off the list.

A late happy hour at the Frankenburgers wrapped up the very busy day.

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