Thursday, February 7—Cartagena, Columbia

The beautiful skyline of Cartagena, Colombia, came into view as the Norwegian Gem sailed into the cruise’s Day 12 port. On the country’s northern coast facing the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena is Columbia’s most visited city. 

Cartagena, Columbia

Today’s excursion was a carriage ride to an old Spanish fortress, Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, and through the old 16th century walled city. Despite rubber surfaces on the carriage’s steel wheels, the narrow cobblestone streets provided a loud, bouncy ride. Both the old fortress and the Colonial city were crowded.

Castillo San Felipe de Barajas in Cartagena, Columbia
Cartagena’s colonial city

After the short “tour”, the carriages stopped at a shopping area where many vendors were aggressively hawking their wares. I purchased a Panama hat (most of which are made in Colombia) while Kay bought a necklace and bracelet after chasing after her in the carriage for an entire city block! Of course, the only respite from the vendors was a sidewalk bar for sampling Colombian beer—very cold, good, and a bit hoppy. We were impressed with Cartagena’s beauty and cleanliness. 

One has to pay to play
A great Colombian beer

Tonight’s show featured a ventriloquist—good, but not our cup of tea.

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