Wednesday, February 6—Panama Canal

Up early to witness transit into the first lock chamber, I found the usual breakfast deck already crowded, but did find an empty table with an aft view—numerous ships waiting to pass through the Canal.

Ships anchored, waiting to transit the Panama Canal
Panama City, Panama

As we approached the initial lock chamber, I tried to find a place on the fore deck, but it was about a dozen deep, as were all decent viewing areas. I finally settled in an upper fore lounge, with a poor view but having air conditioning and comfortable chairs where Kay joined me.

Double lock gates on the original Panama Canal
A large ship transiting the higher new canal

From there, a move to the Atrium allowed live viewing on the big screen, almost as good as the real thing but with fewer people. We continued to watch from various view points on the ship as the Norwegian Gem made her maiden passage through the 40-mile Panama Canal, exiting into the Atlantic Ocean about 4 PM. As one of the world’s greatest engineering feats, transiting the Panama Canal has been a near lifelong desire. It can now be checked off our life list!

Nearing the Panama Canal lock chamber exit

After another mediocre dinner, we attended the late evening show of Piano Man Stephen Kane.

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