Friday, February 8—Santa Marta, Colombia

Rough seas last night (11+ feet waves) preceded landing in Santa Marta shortly after sunrise. Coffee in bed allowed a slow wake up! 

After breakfast, we caught a shuttle to the end of the pier for a walk around the downtown area nearest the shoreline. Santa Marta is the oldest city in Colombia and the second oldest in South America; it is a relatively clean city. Street vendors were everywhere, and were quite aggressive. It worked as I bought two more Panama hats (2 for $11), a pair of Oakley sunglasses ($10, but likely knockoffs), and 3 bottles of beer. The shopping area was a beehive of activity with people everywhere. All the hustle and bustle was exciting.

Street vendors in Santa Marta, Colombia
Motorcycles are the main mode of transportation
Having a Colombian beer while watching the other tourists
This troupe of guys on bicycles were really, really good
Santa Marta’s beautiful beach and coastal inlet
A sucker for making an old boat photo

The rest of the day was set aside as “executive time.” Time advances forward again tonight.

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