Sunday thru Tuesday, July 1-31—Golf and Grandkids

It seems like July was full of golf and grandkids, with a rare butterfly visit early in the month.

Kay and I played golf almost everyday, though not often together. Hot Springs Village is a great place to live if one is a golfer as there are 9 courses and a good portion of the population plays.

The weekend after July 4th, we were “honored” with a visit from Harper and her other grandparents, David and Lisa Painter. Harper sure enjoys visiting us. We saw some new dance routines she created, and played a bunch. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos. And then in late July, Ridge came to visit for a few days. We repeated many of the activities Harper enjoyed during her spring break, plus a trip to the water park portion of Magic Springs. He had a blast, but was ready to rejoin his sis and parents after a few days.


Ridge at Mid-America Science Museum


Ridge at Mid-America Science Museum


Aker, KK, DD, and Ridge at their house

Despite heavy winds, on July 6 a female Diana Fritillary (Lady Diana) was observed nectaring on one of the butterfly bushes. This was a real treat, and “bonifide” Kay as a butterfly gardener, having had visits from both the male and female.


Female Diana Fritillary

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