Wednesday thru Monday, August 1-13—More of the Same

While we stay quite busy and active, our life here in Hot Springs Village is fairly mundane. Each day is similar to the day before and the day after, and each week is much the same as the week before and the week after. During the summer, a number of clubs take a hiatus, so except for Kay’s many social commitments, I pretty much play golf in the daytime, and stay home in the evenings; it’s too hot most days (for me, at least) to ride the bicycle.

We did take a trip to north Arkansas for a weekend visit with John and Sandra Simank (as guests at their Norfork house) and Ed and Linda Richmond, to visit friends and former neighbors Wayne and Loretta, and to meet with our financial advisor.

There are many dragonflies and damselflies flitting about on hot summer days, particularly living adjacent to a lake. There are great “experts” on as well as photographers of these wonderful bugs in Arkansas with whom I’ve become acquainted via Facebook. Their help in identifying the various species has been significant. Photographing them has become a new hobby.





Otherwise, we are looking forward to the upcoming trip to Pennsylvania in a few days.

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