Tuesday thru Thursday, May 1-31—More of the Same

Among golf, social activities, medical appointments, and family time, this month has been pretty uneventful for us with a couple of exceptions.

First, early in the month, the United Methodist Women at Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church have a HUGE garage sale, usually netting just under $20,000 for various charities in the area. Kay is actively involved in the sale, both in its preparation and its execution. This year, Kay and I made apricot fried pies for the sale, and all were sold before the sale actually began!

180503 E 008

Rolling and cutting dough for fried pies

180503 E 010

Kay and finished fried pies

180503 E 012

Iced apricot fried pies 

Second, we visited longtime friends and hosts Ed and Linda Richmond for a couple of days of visiting, eating, and fishing at Five Lakes Outing Club, an historic, private sportsman’s club in eastern Arkansas. We were joined by John and Sandra Simank, and Dave Tefeteller. This group, without Linda, canoed, camped, and fished in Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada, for 10 years. Ed, John, and I have been fishing together almost 25 years, and have cherished memories of our times together. The fish at Five Lakes did not cooperate for me, as only a few took a popping bug or bream killer. John and Dave did quite well. One morning Linda and I had a great time chasing birds and butterflies. The visit was a wonderful reunion.

180524 E 006

Brushy Lake at Five Lakes at sunrise


180522 E 001

Five Lakes Outing Club is over 100 years old

180522 E 002

Dear friend and longtime fishing partner, Ed Richmond

In addition to our everyday activities, a few racks of ribs managed to get smoked over the course of the month, Kay spent some quality time with Ridge, and Kay and I babysat he and Aker in Maumelle for a few days.

180505 E 014

Two racks of ribs seasoned for the smoker

180505 E 015

Starting the “fire”

180509 E 018

Three racks starting to smoke

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