Sunday thru Monday, April 1-30—Greening Up: Birds, Butterflies, and Fishing

Temperatures this month remained cold/cool for the first couple of weeks, delaying our traditionally smooth transition into spring. We used this time to fulfill medical appointments, etc. Typically, April is the prime month for just about everything having to do with the out-of-doors—trees begin leafing, dogwoods bloom, birds are in full migration mode, hummingbirds arrive, butterflies begin to appear, and fish, particularly bream, begin their first of several spawns, all about mid-month. Abruptly, the last week or so of the month reflected warm/hot temperatures, speeding nature’s usual processes.

180421 E 003

Sunrise in the Village

These warm temperature patterns caused an unusual phenomenon as hundreds of Baltimore Orioles descended on feeders in Hot Springs Village; normally, we get only a couple transients. Those who feed birds were buying oranges by the bags and grape jelly two or three jars at a time. These colorful birds provided great photo opportunities. But, just as quickly as they came, they left! The Pine Siskins essentially disappeared late in the month as well, but hummingbird “scouts” arrived to check if feeders were in place.

180430 E 011

180430 E 012

180428 E 008

Butterflies also began to emerge, with Eastern Tiger Swallowtails and Zebra Swallowtails in abundance.

Because of the rapid change in temperatures, fishing was a bit off, though a few did surrender to a chartreuse popping bug. Also, the warm weather was suitable for bicycling and I did two rides with the Ageless Bicycle Club in the Village. Incidentally, I was able to fit in about 20 rounds of golf!

180430 E 002

A few fish succumbed  to a popping bug

180423 E 009

180514 E 010

Ageless Bicycle Club at Clinton Library

Kay, meanwhile, kept up with a busy schedule of board and club meetings, church activities, and golf. How she does it is beyond me.

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