Friday thru Saturday, March 16-31—Grandkids and Birds

As the days pass, we are returning to normal, at least as much as our world is “normal”—we stay too busy and involved.

180323 E 026Kay’s lifelong girlfriend, Sue, visited for a few days just after mid-month, followed by a visit from Ridge as he shared the last part of his spring break with us. We spent time fishing (without incident), hiking, and watching action shows on Netflix, Ridge’s favorite activity at KK’s and DD’s. Ridge has been my little buddy since he was old enough to crawl, and we have a special bond and relationship. We have been so blessed to be a part of our three younger grandkids’ lives, getting to share a lot of time and experiences with them.

180323 E 024

Birds are beginning to migrate north and we’re picking up a few passers by making their way north. Photographing a Pine Warbler has been a goal for several months now, and the opportunity finally presented itself late in the month.

180310 E 002

180311 E 003

180313 E 003

I left the tripod on the deck all one day while taking photos, and low and behold if a chipmunk or squirrel didn’t chew on one of the carbon fiber legs.

180328 E 002

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