Thursday thru Thursday, March 1-15—Grandkids and Golf

180303_E_004No time was wasted before seeing the grandkids. Ridge and Aker came for a visit on the weekend; we enjoyed hiking and watching “action figure” shows on Netflix. 180303_E_002

180315_E_007And then, Harper spent her spring break with us. The weather cooperated and we had a great time hiking, fishing, spending time in the garage shop, and visiting the Mid America Science Museum in Hot Springs. While fishing from the dock one morning, she overstepped while casting and went in the lake over her head. Fortunately, she popped right up as I was ready to jump in (the water is only about 4 feet deep). She is such a good sport, didn’t cry or panic, and just treated as another adventure. She is such a joy and has a heart of gold.

In between visits, I got in a game or two (maybe more) of golf.

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