Sunday thru Saturday, February 11-17—Winter, and then Summer, and Winding Down

January and February are typically the busiest months for a Winter Texan, with an abundance of bot community and RV resort activities. And, as mid-February comes, events are crammed into the last few weeks of “winter.” Speaking of winter, we continued to have depressingly cool temperatures and wet environs until Wednesday when temperatures, wind, and humidity began soaring. 
The Progressive Dinner was on Sunday afternoon, with each area of the resort offering a course. Some 200 residents participated (I did not as I am hesitant to do potlucks, unless the people doing the cooking are identified). Our area, Circle 3, did desserts, and as always, they were an overwhelming favorite. Kay baked her apple dumplings and made a chocolate lava cake in the crockpot; none of either was left!
Kay’s apple dumplings
Kay’s crock pot chocolate lava cake
Eagerly awaiting dessert
Only a partial selection of yummy desserts
Wednesday marked the annual CanAm golf tournament with some 70+ entries. Despite an awful golf course, the tournament was fun, and Team USA repeated as champion.
Yours truly
Elton, a retired mechanical engineer
Four beautiful ladies
Part of Team USA celebrating victory
We were back in Mexico on Friday for completion of dental work. I ended up having an unexpected root canal, a partial filling, and the finished crown installed—resulting in occupying the dental chair for 4 hours! While dental costs are extremely low in Mexico, I’m not sure I would do it again.
Kay hosted her annual Ladies Luncheon on Saturday, but because so many other activities were going on, only 10 women attended; rumor has it that they tried all the desserts offered by the restaurant.

We’re winding down our stay in the Rio Grande Valley, and do not plan to return next year. Year after next is questionable as well. Of 4 grandkids, three are 6, 5, and 3, respectively, out of 6 seasons, only 3 have been decent weather wise, i.e. sufficient to support outdoor activities, and we would like to do some international travel and cruises, best done in our winter months—Costa Rica and a Panama Canal transit—as well as spend a partial season in southern Arizona. Time will tell.

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