Sunday thru Sunday, February 18-25—Packing, Saying Goodbyes, and Returning Home

We used our remaining time in the RVG packing for the return home and to say goodbye, perhaps for the last time, to all our friends, neighbors, and acquaintances at BPVRV Resort.

We departed BPVRV Resort early Friday morning, driving north to Colorado Landing RV and Trailer Park in LaGrange, Texas. We have stopped here many times in our six winters in the RGV. On Saturday, we drove in a sometimes light rain to another “old” standby, Rocky Point Campground at Wright Patman Reservoir south of Texarkana.

Rocky Point Campground, Wright Patman Reservoir, Texas

Singularly focused on getting home, we drove the short distance Monday to Hot Springs Village, where we unloaded the coach at Balboa Storage—we didn’t want another rodent incident at the house!

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