Sunday thru Saturday, February 4-10—A Life Bird and Yo-Yo Weather, Ugh!

After not seeing the Painted Bunting at the National Butterfly Center, I returned Sunday about noon. Several other birds posed for photographs, including a Yellow-rumped Warble, a Long-billed Thrasher, and a Clay-colored Thrush.
Yellow-rumped Warbler 
Long-billed Thrasher
Clay-colored Thrush
Also, a Mexican Bluewing butterfly posed in both closed and open positions.
Mexican Bluewing on a bait log
Mexican Bluewing
I wandered around the area where the Painted Bunting had been previously spotted, but had no luck. After an hour, a fellow photographer chasing the same bird motioned that he had it spotted, and I was able to “shoot” a couple of photos of this remarkable creature—a lifer for me. The rest of the day was rather anti-climatic.
Painted Bunting
We were up really early Monday morning, 4:15 am, in order for Kay to transport Sharon Crawford to the airport for her return to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, after which Kay played golf, and continues to improve;  how she does it without practicing is beyond me.
She and I returned to the golf course, Palm View, Tuesday afternoon, despite high winds as yet another cold front makes its way into the Valley. I squeezed out a decent back nine, and feel my game is returning to “normal”, whatever that is.
Wednesday and Thursday were inside/shopping days as temperatures fell and it rained.
On Friday morning, Kay solicited and picked up donations for the CanAm golf tournament scheduled Valentines Day. I drove to Mexico after lunch for another visit to the dentist to be fitted for a crown. The verdict is still out on Mexican dental work, but after this crown is installed next week, it will likely be my last visit.
I joined five other guys Saturday afternoon for golf at Palm View. It was so slow (three hours for first nine) that two guys dropped out. Once again, I had a high score for the front nine, and a decent score for the back side.

While late November and early December, 2017, were beautiful, weather-wise, here in the Valley, since Christmas, the weather has been up and down, limiting outdoor activities; it has not been our most fun winter!

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