Sunday thru Saturday, January 7-14—Golf and Medical Appointments

Lin and Tom attended church with us on Sunday, the first Sunday of the month, therefore communion, and the first Sunday of 2018. It was a great service, though somewhat long. Afterwards, Tom, Kay, and I played nine holes of golf at Palmview, while Lin just rode. Lunch at Ranch House II (best hamburger joint in the Valley). While dropping them off at their rental, Kay picked an orange from a tree near their parking pad. It was sweet and low acid, the best orange either of us had ever eaten.
Having not ridden for several days, I did a relatively long bicycle ride, over 19 miles, late Monday, not returning until near dark, despite cool temperatures and winds of about 15 mph. Many roads in the Valley are coarse chip and seal, resulting in a rough ride and chipped windshields!

Rough chip and seal road and bicycle lane

While riding, a couple of Border Patrol incidents were happening. The first photo shows 9 vehicles surrounding 3 illegals. The second photo shows a number of agents on foot searching for illegals adjacent to the path I ride.

There are 9 vehicles, one is behind all the others. Three illegals were sitting on the curb.

Foot searching for illegals near Mission Park

Tom and I played golf again on Tuesday, this time at Los Lagos in Edinburg. As one of my favorite courses in the Valley, it was disappointing to see the loss of parts of some greens, and a deep second cut of rough; the rough was so deep it was virtually impossible to find golf balls, even if just off the green.

Wednesday began a round of medical appointments. Kay returned to Dr. Giraldo’s office for a cardiac stress test, returning Thursday for the results—no problem, but he advised more activity and losing weight!
On Friday, Kay and I traveled to Progresso in Mexico for dental cleanings. It was a bit disappointing, and we didn’t feel as comfortable compared to our hygienist in Calico Rock. The dentist, Dr. Veronica Munoz, recommended two crowns and a filling for me, so I’ll get that done in the next few weeks. I really liked her and she did great work for Kay last year. A porcelain crown is $250 compared to near $1200 in the US.

Saturday was a catchup day—including nap time, we slept for almost 12 hours each.

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