Sunday thru Saturday, January 14-20—Cold, Dreary Weather

Another long church service occurred Sunday morning. Fortunately, we really like the praise and worship music and Pastor Bill Duke’s messages, so time passes quickly. After lunch, Kay and I practiced our putting and short golf game, and  then spent time on the driving range—not a great practice for me! My golf has been woeful this winter season.
We both played golf on Monday; Kay played with the ladies at Mission West, having a so so game. I played with Tim, Eddie, and Alan at Palmview, having a decent game, the first in a couple of months, despite winds gusting to near 20 mph. We played court whist in the evening, and I won for the first time ever. With high winds and rapidly dropping temperatures, another cold front is on the way.

We awoke to light rain, followed by falling ice pellets and snow Tuesday morning. Kay and I both visited her stylist, and the haircuts were really short. The rest of the day was spent trying to keep warm!

Kay had lunch and watched a movie with Sharon and Sue on Wednesday, yet another less than perfect weather day.

Thursday and Friday were again cold and wet. On Thursday, Kay drove to UTRGV to pick up a putter and purchase tickets to the mariachi concert on Sunday.

Finally, some decent weather arrived on Saturday. I managed a great bicycle ride—my longest of this new year—including a visit to historic La Lomita Mission, despite the wind.

Historic La Lomita Mission
Historic La Lomita Mission
Historic La Lomita Mission

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