Monday thru Saturday, January 1-6, 2018—Not an Auspicious Start of the New Year

Our weather was once again below average on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with temperatures some 15° below normal, keeping us inside.
Finally, on Thursday, January 4, it warmed up to the mid 60s. In the resort, when it warms up after a few days of cold and/or wet weather, one sees many folks outside scurrying about on bicycles, walking, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors. Although a short trip, I did a bicycle ride of just over 10 miles, while Kay spent some time exploring shops and stores in the Valley.

A cousin, Lin Hagedorn, and her husband arrived in the Valley for a 10-day stay, lodging in a park just up the road from us. We are looking forward to golf and spending time together for the first time in several years.

Sue Mercer and Sharon Crawford arrived Friday afternoon, via plane, from Ontario, Canada. Kay picked them up at the airport. Sue was returning from Christmas holiday, and Sharon was coming back after a absence last year. Both are now widows, and their husbands were dear friends of ours.

On Saturday, I played golf with Tim and John at Palm Creek. We had a 1 PM tee time, but in the Valley it is not uncommon for groups of 5 or even 6 to play,, causing us to start late and finish late. It was a bit humorous though, in that on the 18th hole, we were playing in the complete dark, finding our balls by instinct and/or sound. Surprisingly, no one lost a ball on the tree-lined par 5, even in the dark.

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