Tuesday thru Sunday, December 26-31—Cold, Wet, and End of 2017

We departed home for the Rio Grande Valley near 7 AM, arriving at our motorhome about 8 PM–700 miles in 13+ hours—driving through a light rain and cold temperatures most of the way. It remained like that, cold and wet, for the rest of the week, finally breaking near the weekend. After looking at Christmas photos, I decided it was past time to DIET!

Before the rain began…

Early evening on New Year’s Eve, Kay and I joined some 20+ neighbors for dinner at Republic of the Rio Grande, a really good restaurant in McAllen; Kay had shrimp kabobs and I had grilled fish and both were outstanding.

Back at the resort, we attended the New Year’s Eve party, sharing a table with Dale and Donna Short, Rudy and Sherry, and Paul and Steve. The rock and roll band was much too loud and we left after only a couple of hours. What a way to end a great year!

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