Tuesday, November 14—Colorado Landing RV and Mobile Home Park, La Grange, TX

Kay is still in a lot of pain, and is not sleeping well; wished we knew what was causing this.
The mouse traps were engaged, but no luck on catching a critter(s). 

We pulled out of Rocky Point Campground about 8:00 AM, driving south. Our first stop was at a Walmart Superstore in Tyler, Texas, for gasoline and RAT traps, etc., arriving at Colorado landing in La Grange Texas about 3:00 PM.

Devastation brought about by Hurricane Harvey flooding was surreal, with debris everywhere. In late August, the Colorado River rose some 54 feet, flooding the entire campground and adjacent areas. However, the staff seemed to take it all in stride, working long hours to rectify the damage.

After settling in, the rat traps were set with peanut butter and cheese, with one in the coach  proper, and two in the basement. Time will tell.

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