Wednesday, November 15—A Surprise Visitor, and Arriving at our Winter Home

Kay’s pain is worsening, and sleep eludes her, though she complains little.
The last trap in the “trap line” presented a dead pack rat. It’s likely this is the one who chewed on the wiring harness, and built the nest behind the engine. We’re hoping it is a single, but will keep the traps set just in case.
We arrived at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort—our winter home for the last 5 years—about 2:00 PM, with temperatures in the high 80s.  It was good to be home! 

The motorhome basement was unloaded, and then we set up for semi-permanency. Happy hour at 4:00 PM in the Circle 3 palapa was fun, as usual, as we were greeted by old and new friends alike. We are truly blessed!

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