Monday, November 13—Finally, Headed South

We awoke Monday with few expectations, thinking that the motorhome would not be ready today. However, we received a call from the Hot Springs Ford dealership just before lunch advising that the technician worked Saturday disconnecting the old wiring harness, allowing him to expedite hooking everything back up this morning. We drove to Hot Springs, paid the bill, hooked up the Honda tow car, and were on our way south once again.  This time, no problems, as we pulled into Rocky Point Campground about 3:00 pm. A prime site with a lake view was open, and after setting up, a wave of relief overcame us.

Kay used the remainder of the afternoon to visit friends in Texarkana while I walked around the campground, enjoying the sights and sounds of fall. While out she bought mouse traps and bait traps. Based on the evidence we had seen, we were grossly underarmed for our varmint visitors.
And then while dozing and watching TV, she heard the pittypat of steps and then felt something walk across her head; it was a packrat! Enough already. This calls for serious action.

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