Sunday, August 13—A Very Busy Sunday

The small Calvary United Methodist Church meets at 10:30 AM on Sundays, and this Sunday the sermon was on the history of home churches—interesting—as we had seen some of the places the minister referenced in Capernaum in Israel.
After lunch, golf at Stonehedge Golf Course was on the schedule.  Stonehedge is a 2100 yard 9 hole course, perfect practicing. The greens are very small, and most are elevated; consequently, it’s difficult for the ball to stop after a long chip or pitch! There are 2 par 3’s and 7 par 4’s, and the best part is that one can play as much as one wants after 3 PM for $12, if they walk and provide their own cart. With Kay’s upper calf injury, she opted to rent a cart and ride, but I walked and we both had fun.

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After golf, the Ruthie Foster Band performed at the outdoor stage in Egg Harbor. Ms. Foster is blues and folk music singer-songwriter. With roots in the South, she mixes a wide array of genres from gospel and blues to jazz, folk and soul. She has often been compared to Bonnie Raitt and Aretha Franklin. She was AWESOME, and the crowd of over 2500 clapped, danced, and yelled enthusiastically. Her bass player has won 2 Grammys himself, and the drummer was no slouch either! If you get a chance, go online and listen to some of her music—Ruthie Foster.
As we entered the concert area 45 minutes early, Egg Harbor, WI

Ruthie Foster singin’ the blues, Egg Harbor, WI

Huge crowd at Ruthie Foster concert, Egg Harbor, WI 

Ruthie Foster singin’ the blues, Egg Harbor, WI

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