Monday, August 14—Cycling and Doctor, Doctor

It’s still cool here in Door County with high temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s. After a quiet morning, Kay drove us to Rowley’s Bay, stopping at a bakery for cookies—carb loading—for cycling north central Door County.  The bicycle was unloaded, we said our goodbyes, and she returned to the RV resort via auto while I opted to cycle several of the county roads, zigzagging back to the resort. It proved to be a great day for cycling the 27+ miles with a lack of traffic on the gently rolling roads with great views around every corner. 
Door County farm near Rowley’s Bay

An old swing at an old school, Door County, Wisconsin

More playground equipment at an old school, Door County, Wisconsin

An old slide at an old school, Door County, Wisconsin

Bailey’s Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin

Much of “interior” Door County looks like this farm

Wildflowers along Door County roads are incredible, with orchards in the background
The Northern Sky Theater in Peninsula State Park was presenting the play Doctor, Doctor, and we had tickets for this evening’s late performance. The Northern Sky Theater uses local actors, and is an open air theater; in Wisconsin that means mosquitos and getting wet if it rains. We had tickets for the play, and sprayed a heavy coating of insect repellent that worked to keep from getting bitten, but they were hovering around to the extent that they looked like a fleet of airplanes. Regretfully, the insect repellent did not keep the rain away, and the play was called with only a few minutes left because of heavy rain.

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