Friday and Saturday, August 11-12—The Sunset Trail and “Go Pack Go”

Wisconsin has great cycling opportunities, and Door County, in particular, offers great rides on trails and county roads. Unfortunately, one needs different bicycles for different types of trails/roads, and the TREK FX 7.6 I brought has road tires, NOT meant for gravel trails. A tire change had been considered for almost a year now, and with a bicycle shop nearby, 32mm tires (about 1.25 inches) and tubes were installed to replace the 25mm tires (about 1 inch). While the width difference is small, it made a huge positive impact on riding, yielding a softer ride and “plowing” through sand/mud. So, Sunset Trail, here I come. The Sunset Trail, lined by a fern-floored cedar and maple forest, generally hugs the shoreline of the Green Bay at one of Wisconsin’s largest state parks, Peninsula State Park. Passing through a marsh near one end and a beach on the other, this fine gravel trail is quite popular, with hoards of cyclists coming and going, though still peaceful enough because of its location. By combining the trail and some roadways in the park, I managed to ride 20+ miles before meeting up with Kay—cycling is great!
Nicolet Beach, along the Sunset Trail, Peninsula SP, Door County, WI

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, along the Sunset Trail, Peninsula SP, Door County, WI

Marsh along the Sunset Trail, Peninsula SP, Door County, WI

Cliffside along the Sunset Trail, Peninsula SP, Door County, WI
Weekends in Door County tend to be packed with people, and especially now that schools is drawing near. This provided a great opportunity for us to visit the city of Green Bay, home of the Packers, and shop at Costco.We arrived at Lambeau Field just before lunch, hoping to do a tour of the stadium immediately—not in Green Bay. With an hour to kill, we toured the Packer Hall of Fame, then joined others for a 2-hour tour of the stadium. Having been to Razorback Stadium—comparable—we were not as awed as most, though the stadium is revered by Packer fans near and far.  Packer merchandise, particularly jerseys, was selling like hotcakes. Guess we’ll have to root for the Packers now.

Costco was not far away; we filled up with $2.22/gal gasoline, and some few groceries, and were back to Egg Harbor before dark.

Green Bay Packers stadium

Kay and I overlooking Lambeau Field, Green Bay Packers Stadium

Lambeau Field, Green Bay Packers Stadium

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