Wednesday and Thursday, August 9-10—Sightseeing and Music

Our 2013 visit to Door County was brief, offering only a taste of things to see and do. North central Door County proved to be quite scenic during a road trip Wednesday, offering plenty of rural countryside, old barns and silos, houses left to ruin, and an old school with familiar playground equipment. The road tour also proved to be a good reconnaissance trip for a future bicycle ride.

Restored schoolhouse with old playground equipment (like we used), upper Door County

Old house left in ruins, rural upper Door County

Wrapping up the road tour brought us to Fish Creek for their free afternoon jazz concert put on by Birch Creek Music Performance Center. The music only served to whet our appetite for more jazz!
Beach at Fish Creek, Door County, WI

Birch Creek Ambassadors, Fish Creek, Door County, WI

Fish Creek beach and bay, Door County, WI
As has been stated several times in the last few days, it has rained almost everyday since we arrived. Thursday was no exception as it rained all day, providing an opportunity to catch up on email, blogging, photo editing, reading, and cooking. Kay made a great corn chowder using fresh corn from Door County. We’ve eaten corn on the cob several times here, and it is undoubtedly the sweetest corn either of us has ever eaten!

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Having had a taste of Birch Creek jazz, we attended a concert at the Performance Center Thursday evening, listening to a student group outside before the “big” show, then were awed by the Birch Creek Lab Band, and finally heard the Birch Creek Faculty Jazz Orchestra. The faculty group was undoubtedly the best jazz band I’ve ever heard—many of the faculty have played with the really big names in jazz—awesome is insufficient.
Pre-concert performance, Birch Creek Performance Center, Door County, WI

Pre-concert performance, Birch Creek Performance Center, Door County, WI

Concert “Barn” in background, Birch Creek Performance Center, Door County, WI

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