Monday and Tuesday, August 7-8—All About Golf, with Some Theater Thrown In

After breakfast on Monday, a tee time was made for later in the day at Peninsula SP Golf Course. Kay cleaned the interior of the motorhome and I cleaned the inside of the car and tidied up outside to keep our site from looking too junky. With a 3 PM tee time, we arrived early. The starter added a father and son to the tee time, and neither had played golf in 4 years; needless to say, it was slow going. Kay handled the scattered shots and slow play much better than I, and ended up with a decent score for 18 holes. I realized after 8 holes that I was chicken-winging during the swing, resulting in some not so good shots. After straightened out the error, things got better. We arrived back at the RV park/campground, ate sandwiches, and had an early evening.
Practicing putting, Peninsula SP Golf Course

One of the beautiful holes, Peninsula SP Golf Course

Long, steep par 3, Peninsula SP Golf Course

The Green Bay as seen from one of the tee boxes, Peninsula SP Golf Course

Kay making another excellent chip, Peninsula SP Golf Course
A north-to-south bicycle ride from Egg Harbor to Sturgeon Bay followed by a shopping trip to Walmart was planned for Tuesday, but with 10+ mph wind from the SSW, the ride plan was abandoned. Instead, we had a big late breakfast, and drove the route to Sturgeon Bay; this proved to be a good idea as it was discovered that a south-to-north route was preferable as the prevailing wind would be at one’s back, and the route is generally more downhill! Walmarts are the same everywhere, mostly, and after surviving the shopping experience, we drove back to Egg Harbor, and I walked and played two 9-hole rounds at Stonehenge Golf Course where I was joined on the 6th hole by Wisconsin Slim—he was NOT a good playing partner. With two par 3s and the remainder holes par 4s, the fairways were relatively narrow and straight with very small, elevated greens which made it virtually impossible to stop a chip or pitch shot without rolling over the edge. And, the greens were the most lush I’ve ever played on, like thick carpet, and the ball rolled straight and true if a bit slow.
Carved wooden statue, Stonehedge Golf Course, Egg Harbor, WI

Wisconsin Slim approaching my ball, Stonehedge Golf Course, Egg Harbor, WI
After a sandwich/wrap, we drove to the Peninsula Players theater to see the Broadway musical, Bridges of Madison County—it was fantastic, and as good as any off-Broadway show we’ve seen. The whole experience was great, as we waited beforehand on the shores of Green Bay (of Lake Michigan) watching the sunset while enjoying an adult beverage. The Peninsula Players is America’s oldest resident summer theater, having been in existence for the past 79 years. The new stage house, which opened in the summer of 2006, has a full fly tower, a grass roof, cushioned seats, and solid walls that can be raised and lowered based on weather conditions. The new theater also has a radiant heated floor that allows performances well into October. We were impressed!

Peninsula Players Theater

Watching the sunset over the Green Bay before the play, Peninsula Players Theater
Setting sun as seen from Peninsula Players Theater shoreline

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