Saturday and Sunday, August 5-6—Cycling Again

It has rained parts of every day since we arrived, and Saturday was no exception. However, as the start of school nears, many folks are trying to get in a last weekend in Door County so the small resort villages are packed with people with a constant stream of traffic on the roads and streets. Even the wildflower lined backroads were busy as I cycled a 17-mile loop from the RV resort/campground. Despite the crowds, once one leaves the coast, Door County teems with orchards, row crops, and fields and forests. It felt good to ride again, though I was quickly out of air on the hills, and had butt fatigue after 13 miles!
One of the county roads I cycled in upper Door County
While I cycled, Kay took a trolley tour of upper Door County, seeing the various villages and points of interest, and hearing about the history.
Upper Door Country Trolley Tour

One of the many inlets found on Green Bay

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Sunday was a busy day for us beginning with church at Calvary United Methodist Church in Egg Harbor.  The congregation consisted of an almost equal number of locals and visitors.  After the service, we were treated to fellowship time, with good food and great conversations.
Before church at Calvary UMC, Egg Harbor
I opted to cycle from Jacksonport to Whitefish Bay on Door County’s eastern shoreline. Cycling the local roads through the fern-floored woods was like being in a rain forest.  And then, it sudden opened up to Lake Michigan, with colorful kayaks plying the smooth waters on the leeward side of the Peninsula. Further, the shoreline turned rock bluffs and caves, and even further, into grass-covered dunes and small beach. It was in this area that I took a spill when the thin front tire sank into a sandy section of the trail—the bicycle came to a sudden stop, but I didn’t—just a few scratches and a bruised ego! Just beyond the dunes area Kay and I arrived at the same time, where I loaded the bicycle and we took a long route back to the RV park/campground.
Door County’s eastern shoreline

Whitefish Dunes SP beach, Door County, WI

Cliff near up the lake from Whitefish Bay, WI

Caves along Door County’s eastern shoreline
 Sunday evening was quiet as Kay streamed Game of Thrones and I read.

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