Wednesday through Friday, August 2-4—Experiencing Golf in Door County, Wisconsin

Kay reacquainted herself with Egg Harbor Wednesday morning, and bought tickets to various plays in at the area after dropping me off at the Peninsula SP 6-Hole Short Course and Learning Center.

Kay found these sculptures while exploring Egg Harbor

This course was a hoot and is perfect for honing one’s short game; the longest hole was 114 yards and the shortest was 58 yards—the “fairways” were immaculate, the bunkers excellent, and the greens challenging—all this for $8 a round.

Getting ready for Peninsula SP 6-hole Short Course
Rain kept us indoors most of Thursday. Locals tell us that this has been the rainiest year in memory, and all would welcome some relief! Recent activities were written and posted in the blog, and photos were downloaded and edited. Down time is always good. We joined Stan and Fern on their last night in Egg Harbor with a prime rib dinner at the Glidden Lodge Beach Resort—great food overlooking Lake Michigan on Door County’s eastern shore.

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Stan and Fern pulled out early Friday morning; it was really nice getting to know, and we look forward to many great times together back in Hot Springs Village. After integrating the ingredients for vegetable beef soup, the rest of the day was rather quite day, but we paused long enough to play the Peninsula SP 6-Hole Short Course. Kay really enjoyed it, and sharpened some of her short game skills.
Kay hits one on the 58-yard 5th hole, Peninsula SP 6-hole Short Course

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