Saturday, July 29—Northward Bound

Though not in a big hurry, we departed about 8:30 am, towards Carlyle Lake, Illinois, our destination for overnight. An uneventful drive of some 280+ miles led us along I-55 north to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, across the Mississippi River into Illinois, and northward on a small two lane road through mostly agricultural country. It is such a shame that Illinois is so readily identified with Chicago—the rural country we drove through was neat, clean, and very picturesque.

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Crossing the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau, Missouri

We arrived at the US Army Corps of Engineers Dam West Campground at Carlyle Lake about an hour east of St. Louis, and found it to be a lovely campground with a friendly and helpful campground host. Since we were just hooking up to 50A electricity, setup was quick and easy. We left the campground in search of tonic water, and had to drive 8+ miles to find a decent tasting brand.

Enjoying the cool afternoon at Dam West Campground, Carlyle, Illinois

Back at the campground, we relaxed in camp chairs under the awning before driving to dinner at one of the local fish houses. The catfish was very good, but the thousand island dressing at the salad bar was a bit old, and I suffered with stomach cramps and related maladies most of the night.

Kay enjoying happy hour!

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