Friday, July 28—Errands, Visiting the Simanks, and Harper’s Birthday Celebration

Sure enough, the forecast proved accurate as rain began shortly after dawn.  With a couple of errands to complete in the Federal Building, we were off to Memphis. First, a stop at the US Army Corps of Engineers Security Office provided an opportunity to get a civilian Department of Defense identification card, allowing us to partake of a a few privileges afforded DoD retirees such as using RV campgrounds on Army, Air Force, and Navy bases. Then, it was across the hall to the credit union to close a 44-year account. (Of note was the friendliness of all the folks in the Federal Building from the Homeland security guards to Corps staff—quite a change from what I experienced in Little Rock!)

Following those errands, we drove to Germantown to visit Sandy and John Simank; Sandy has very serious surgery a few weeks ago, but is recovering very nicely.  We have sure missed visiting with them since moving from Norfork. Then it was off to lunch at Popeye’s, a non-event since our food was never prepared!

Harper greeted us at the door of their house, and she is growing like a weed. Kay hit grand slam home run with her presents, as she was elated with the Barbie dolls and Barbie swimming pool. Lunch was at a sushi bar nearby, and Harper loves sushi, eating almost two dozen sushi rolls—the apple did not fall far from the tree (her mother). After a great late lunch, one of our best ever visits was concluded.

Harper and Jenny blowing bubbles
Harper playing with Barbie and Barbie swimming pool

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We drove back to the campground in West Memphis, and enjoyed another night of peace and quiet before our departure north tomorrow morning.

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