Sunday, July 30—Northward Bound, Continued

First, Happy Birthday, Harper.  Our older granddaughter turns 5 today—where has the time gone!

Lifting the stabilizing jacks, drawing the slides in, and unhooking from shore power, we were driving north again by about 8:30 am.  Continuing through picturesque rural Illinois, the 290-mile drive was uneventful—just the way we like—as we arrived at Rock Cut State Park in Rockford, Illinois, about 2:45 pm. Again, we hooked up only to 50A electricity, making setup quick and easy. (NOTE:  The motorhome has sufficient onboard water and sewer capacity for us to travel several days without refilling/dumping.)

Rock Cut SP, Rockford, IL

Rock Cut SP, Rockford, IL

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Cycling at Rock Cut SP, Rockford, IL (2017)

We stayed at Rock Cut State Park in 2014 as we toured Wisconsin and Michigan. Somewhat interestingly, we lived less than 10 miles from there in 1956 and 1958. I remember cousin Walker and I fishing in a Belvidere park, and catching a large bass on summer morning, that was 59 years ago! Kay and I biked here three years ago, and we tried again today. I made it over 8 miles, but the roads are so bad that maximum speed down the many hills was limited to about 10 miles per hour, making the uphill climbs challenging to say the least. We enjoyed another evening in camp chairs in the shade doing what we do best—nothing—followed by the season finale and perhaps series finale of Grantchester!

Cycling Rock Cut SP, Rockford, IL in 2013

Kay cycling Rock Cut SP, Rockford, IL in 2013

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