Saturday thru Wednesday, February 4-15—It’s What We Do in the Valley

We both continue playing golf; Kay play’s nine holes on Monday mornings with the ladies, and I play Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  The weather has been incredible, though a little warm—no complaints!

170130 E 002

Kay also finished another Swedish weaving project, spending countless hours over the last couple of seasons working on this masterpiece.

170207 E 017

Finally, Apple Series 2 42 mm watches became available, and I received mine—a late birthday and Christmas present; thank you Kay.

170210 E 018

Braving the unknown, Kay is having a new dental crown installed by a dentist in Mexico; it’s so much cheaper than in the US, about 70% less!  Her dentist, Dr. Munoz, is a perfectionist; she had Kay come back a second time to install a band at the gum line.  Consequently, we made a couple quick trips to Mexico, including a late afternoon visit; it was relatively quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of mid-day.

We joined 15+ couples from the resort at Republic of the Rio Grande restaurant to celebrate Valentines Day.  The food was good, but our long table was quite crowded with almost no room to raise one’s hand to eat!

The windshield repair business in the Valley is booming, and after getting a new windshield, we quickly had two new chips; $60 later, both had been repaired. Wonder how long this windshield will last?

Finally, Kay and I both are assisting Tim Creaghan in managing the Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort/Ratama Village CanAm golf tournament; this tournament is a big deal.  Kay was a major asset in raising money and gifts for prizes, and I helped with administrative work.

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