Friday through Friday, January 27-February 3—Normal is as Normal Does

After all the activities last week, this week was anticlimactic!  Sleep received a lot of priority, until the Ideal Rest mattress (similar to a Sleep Number) malfunctioned.  In the four years since we’ve had this motorhome, we never read the instructions, and consequently, the controls accidentally were operated to set the mattress to the hardest level possible; for me this causes severe back pain for several days!  Late one evening we lifted the bed, removed items stored underneath it, and opened the access to the air pump.  I deflated both sides, and we slept a bit better.  However, I failed to reconnect Kay’s side properly and it completely deflated, and she woke up an unhappy woman—if momma ain’t happy, no one is happy!  So, I crawled back underneath the bed, reinstalled her side, and she was able to adjust the bed correctly—one of the many joys of RVing.

170130 E 005

BPVRV Resort’s annual Derby Days event was held on Sunday afternoon; perhaps the best attended ever.  I assisted Dale Short in preparing and selling mint juleps, and we ran out of bourbon about midway through the races. 

Kay was a racer, though she didn’t win! 

170130 E 006

Kay continues to improve her golf game, having lower scores the last two Mondays than I.  Perhaps she needs to give me some hints.

I played golf several times, including another try at Santa Tierra where I shot better than last time a couple weeks ago.

170131 E 009

Here are Tim (left) and Dale, golfing buddies this year.

170131 E 008

And, being multi-talented, Kay was a model at the annual BPVRV Resort Ladies Luncheon yesterday (February 2).  All the ladies had fun.

170202 E 011

170202 E 012

Bicycling took a backseat this week—either too windy or too tired—though I did manage 20+ miles, including a 15.7 mile roundtrip to Anzulduas Park on the Rio Grande River to have an annual KFC lunch among a group of friends, several being former BPV “residents.”

170203 E 014

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