Sunday through Thursday, November 27-December 15—Getting Ready for Christmas and the Rio Grande Valley

We resumed “normal” activities after Thanksgiving, including Christmas shopping and beginning preparations for spending the winter in the Rio Grande Valley.  We schedule most of our “regular” medical appointments for late November/early December, and late May/early June to accommodate our travel schedule.  We both received clean bills of health.  We still have most of our teeth (hehehe), and two good news items for me is that the cardiologist has lengthened the time between visits to one year, and I celebrated 6 years being cancer free!  Kay did 99% of the Christmas shopping—well, maybe 100%.  We have most of our clothes and personal items accumulated, ready to be put in the motorhome, for the winter in Texas.  On the social front, this period of time is filled with holiday parties and concerts.  We saw Kathy Mattea in concert, and she still has a beautiful voice; her guitarist was unbelievable, and could put on a show by himself.  We also saw the Arkansas Symphony and the Hot Springs/Hot Springs Village Concert Band—both were awesome.  And, we’ve been to numerous banquets.
On Wednesday, December 14, The Book Club held their annual Christmas “meeting” and I participated in the Hot Springs Village Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count.  Our group (the Village has 5 groups) identified 40+ species, and the numbers per species were similar to previous years.  It was a fun happening, including the “banquet” on Thursday evening to accumulate numbers from all the groups.
Sorry, no photos.

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