Monday through Saturday, November 21-November 26—Celebrating Thanksgiving and a Little Bit of Christmas


Kay bought a Christmas tree and she erected it in the sunroom on Monday.  A turkey was smoked in the Big Green Egg on Wednesday, and it turned out beautifully.  After cooling, it was deboned, and a smoked turkey/sausage gumbo was made—the roux is the tricky part as it has to be constantly stirred over medium high heat WITHOUT burning. Kay made cheese logs and cookies for the “kids”, i.e. Jenny and Brian.

161123 E 010

Jenny, Brian, and Harper arrived Wednesday evening to celebrate a combination Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Harper is growing so tall and is even prettier than before.  With great weather, we fished and played outside most of Thanksgiving Day, enjoying our family meal in the early evening.

161124 E 005

161124 E 017

Karyn, Ridge, and Aker arrived Friday morning, and we were all off to the Mid America Science Museum; the adults had more fun than the kids.

161125 10083

161125 10087

161125 10084

161125 10085

161125 10086

161125 10088

Back home, after lunch and naps, the three grandkids played and played—sharing toys, no fights, and no crying.  It is so fun to watch them have fun.

161126 E 020

A new tradition of ours, started last year, is for the grandkids decorate the tree in the sunroom on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  As daylight waned, the decorations came out, and the grandkids had a blast.

161126 E 022

161126 E 029

161126 E 030

After breakfast Saturday morning, the grandkids opened a couple Christmas presents each as a reward for decorating the tree (and for us to watch them open a few gifts).  Jenny, Brian, and Harper packed up and left for home, and Karyn, Ridge, and Aker followed a few hours later.  Wow, what a great weekend!

161126 E 045

161126 E 043

161126 E 049

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