Tuesday through Sunday, November 15-November 20—A Visit from the Crawfords

We were so pleased to host Winter Texan friends Al and Sharon Crawford from near Hamilton, Ontario, for a few days in mid-November (we visited them in August earlier this year), and the Arkansas weather was great during their visit.  Fall is late coming this year, and consequently the trees have just begun to change, though there is little color compared to previous years—hot, dry summer and early fall.  Al and I overloaded on golf, Sharon attended The Bookclub meeting at our house, and we all played bridge every single evening.  We were having so much fun that regrettably, the only photo we have is one of the “super” moon.  Oh, what fun we had, and Kay and I were so disappointed to see them leave.  They will be visiting Portugal this winter; we will miss them greatly in the RGV.

161113 9914

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